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For the Grooms

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17th December 2008

foxdiva96:07pm: I know I'm not a groom
However I work in the wedding bussness, the formal wear side. Forget the girls dresses, you guys have it hard.
So when i book a wedding I am the grooms right hand (wo)man in getting his suits to look nice. So if it's a tux, a suit, or jeans and a tee shirt, I want you guys to be happy.
Because let's face it, no matter how pritty the dress the girl is going to say "I'm Ugly".  But no matter how ugly the guy he always looks good in a tux.
I was also an assitant wedding planner for 2 years.  Also worked in flowers.

You have a question, I can give you all the answers you need.

13th November 2006

jinshei2:35pm: Hi all,

Yes, I'm guilty - I'm not a groom, I'm actually a bride-to-be but I wanted some help from you guys.

My man refuses POINT BLANK to wear a suit to the wedding.  He just hates the feeling of it.

I'm making an effort to look nice, and it's a really important day.

How can I
a) convince him to wear a suite
b) What alternatives can I have him wear?

Please help!!!!


28th August 2006

pseudovillain8:03pm: Hey guys!

I am new to this community, engaged, and have a women's podcast.

I did a piece on my whole wedding planning experience and thought some of you might get a kick out of it!

Check it out!



18th November 2005

pixeldrift12:47pm: "Best" man?
Out of curiosity, what exactly is the difference between groomsmen and a best man? The same question goes for bridesmaids/maid of honor. What are they supposed to "do"? The weddings I've been to never really had defined roles. It was more "guerrilla warfare" style where whoever was available did what was needed. The only distinction really usually ended up being just the formality of a title.

I just think it would be a bit odd to single out one close friend in particular and give them some "higher" title. What warrants prescribing that person as somehow more special than your other friends? How does one go about choosing a person for that role? Is it by how long you've known someone, how close you are to the person, or how capable they would be fulfilling whatever responsibilities a best man is supposed to handle? Does there even have to be a best man?

After all, we used to joke that if said person actually WERE the "best man", then he would be the bloke getting married! ;)

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5th November 2005

pixeldrift10:06pm: Minority?
Hey guys, glad to see there are at least... um, two other grooms who are involved in wedding planning! Are we REALLY the only ones on all of LJ? I already feel like such a minority! My fiance would be happy with a courthouse ordeal next week in tshirt and jeans. She doesn't like the whole hassle of a wedding at all, doesn't want to deal with all the fuss and all the people. So it's pretty much all up to me. That is, until she sees things coming together at the last minute and will suddenly realize she wants to be involved after all. :)

Many of our friends find it a bit odd that I'm the one being so particular about the wedding. One wants to appoint herself wedding planner but hasn't quite grasped that I care about it more than the bride. She was trying to keep me from seeing the pictures of potential dresses, without realizing that I was the one who had found them all in the first place! I feel like I'm the first guy to ever have to DRAG a girl into David's Bridal.

Why can't people understand that the groom has just as much to do with the wedding as the bride? Where did that nonsense come from about it being the bride's day?? There are TWO people getting married! I get the vibe that under any other circumstances I'd be totally left out if it, like the groom isn't welcome at all in the process until the "I do" part. Is it that there are just so many guys who really don't care??
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18th September 2005

anomie225:59pm: well...
I got my engagement ring, only after 6 months (and counting) of paying off hers.

12th July 2005

i_think_i_think4:50pm: garrrraahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa! out?! no more until Sept?!
ivory full-dress tail-coat notch-lapel tux, if you see or know where one might be, please let me know. i got my money back in full without much trouble at least. i am still getting the ascot & all that jazz... but that's not going to cover my knees.

she was MUCH more understanding/calm/collected about this than i was. *gush*

8th July 2005

i_think_i_think11:15am: wow, time is going super fast. but lots getting done. everything seems to be changing like autumn *sigh*

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the unexpected is exactly what we want every time.
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8th June 2005

geniusorafool10:40pm: Finally! A community for grooms!
Well, if you've found your way here, you're probably in a situation similar to my own. You're engaged to be married. You watch your fiancee pour over bride community after bride community every day and night. Finally, you search for "grooms" on LJ and find that there aren't any communities designed specifically for "the other half" of the wedding day.

Now there's a place for us on LJ. I hope to find other grooms-to-be joining the community in the coming days. I envision this community as a place to share info, advice, frustrations, amusing stories, and other engagement/marriage related info...all from a groom's point of view.
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